The Selley brothers approached me with an exciting project: crafting a brand for their YouTube Channel, Catch n' Selley, dedicated to sharing their fishing escapades and lakeside adventures. Their vision was clear—to create a brand that could seamlessly translate into merchandise and complement their social media presence.
The logo itself paints a picturesque scene of Manitoba's magnificent lakes, framed by the lush greenery of spruce and pine trees that grace their rocky shores. At the heart of this image, a magnificent large-mouth bass bursts forth from the water, engaged in an epic battle against a determined fishing line.

Understanding their desire for a brand that could adorn hats and apparel with finesse, I embarked on a journey to capture the essence of an intricately embroidered patch. I aimed for designs characterized by bold simplicity, perfect for showcasing exquisite puff embroidery.
For the typography, we turned to the rustic charm of HWT Artz, a wood block typeface that effortlessly conjures images of cabins and serene lakes—the very backdrop that the Selley brothers often find themselves in.
Working on this project was a joy, and it's a testament to the Selley brothers' passion for their craft and the great outdoors. The resulting brand embodies the spirit of their channel, making it a perfect fit for both their merchandise and their online presence.

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